Philippe Bouyer &  Pierre Chavel
Head of Research
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Research is one of the cornerstones of Institut d’Optique Graduate School. The research we conduct ranks among the best in the world and spans all areas related to optics, from the most fundamental research to the most applied, from atom optics to biophotonics, from quantum information to nanophotonics.

Our key research teams work at two facilities. The first is Laboratoire Charles Fabry (LCF), a research laboratory operated jointly with CNRS (France's National Centre for Scientific Research) on our Palaiseau campus. The second is on the Orsay campus of Université de Paris-Sud and made available through a partnership. A third team, known as ERIS, conducts research on vision at Université Jean Monnet's Laboratoire Hubert Curien in Saint-Etienne. In 2011 a new laboratory has opened in Bordeaux in partnership with Université de Bordeaux 1. This laboratory, the LP2N (Laboratoire de photonique, numérique et nano sciences) develops new areas of research at the interface between photonics and virtual and augmented reality.

Institut d’Optique Graduate School is also involved in research at Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI), which is working on building the world's most powerful laser.

What is optics?


Optics is the field of science and the area of economic activity encompassing the physical phenomena and technologies associated with the generation, transmission, manipulation, detection, and utilisation of light. It extends on both sides of the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum as far as the same concepts apply.