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Mobilités à l'international

Have you been nominated by your home university?


After sending your application and receiving our confirmation, you can start preparing your stay in France. If you intend to study at Institut d'Optique for a larger period, in the framework of a double-degree program, please contact us for more information about our tuition fees. As an exchange student you don't need to pay tuition fees at Institut d'Optique but only to your home institution! 

Useful information for incoming students here and some information on the cost of living in Paris region.

Some of the funding options are listed below:

  1. International master's scholarship programs IDEX
  2. France excellence Eiffel scholarship program
  3. Campus France offers scholarships which can vary from one country to the other. Please check with the Campus France office of your country
  4. Erasmus+, please contact the International office of your home institution for more information

For general questions regarding your application, housing or visa, please e-mail to: Nicole Hall (

For academic questions, please e-mail to: Eirini Papagiannouli (



Visit the Institut d'Optique Graduate School with XIE Yunze

Li Ang, a Chinese student from Fudan University at Institut d’Optique (2023)

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