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L'Institut d'Optique et Erasmus+ 2021-2027

Dans la continuité du programme 2014-2021, l'Institut d'Optique a obtenu la Charte Erasmus pour l'Enseignement Supérieur 2021-2027, sur la base de sa déclaration de stratégie Erasmus. Il a signé des accords Erasmus avec plusieurs homologues européens.

To promote the activities supported by the Erasmus+ programme, we are:

  • for student mobilities for studies and internships: to promote the possibility to be granted mobility scholarships in the frame of their mobilities abroad, by doing presentations to the student cohorts (at Introduction Day, while the internships are presented, during our Education programmes Forum, while the study abroad mobilities are presented…) and by doing regular e-mailing to the student populations who are preparing international mobilities to ensure everyone is informed. Externally, some ‘success stories’ of mobilities can be highlighted in our news, through several communication channels (website, social networks).
  • for teaching staff mobilities, we encourage more mobilities, whether it be incoming or outgoing. Incoming teaching mobilities can be promoted through news on our communication channels. Outgoing can be promoted by the same way, and more importantly fostered by being recognized as a part of the teaching duty all faculty staff has to fulfil annually.
  • for staff training mobilities, we promote the possibility to be supported for such a mobility, and increase the chance of triggering such mobilities by forwarding opportunities such as staff week offered. For better efficiency, we can team up within Université Paris-Saclay to be active in a university-wide staff week
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