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Research topics

Institut d’Optique Graduate School helps to drive major revolutions in optics by conducting research in all fields of industry and high technologies.

From mobile phone cameras and industrial image processing, to optical sensors in domotics and more, optical technologies can be found in scores of everyday objects that look simple on the surface yet are complex on the inside. Today, optics is used in a wide range of fields, such as:

  • Environment: atmospheric pollution monitoring, non-destructive testing in manufacturing, low-energy lighting systems
  • Transport: optical guidance systems (driverless vehicles, vehicle collision avoidance systems for increased road safety, head-up displays in windscreens or drivers' glasses)
  • Food: safety and traceability
  • Healthcare and biotechnologies: medical imaging (MRIs, scanners, etc.), endoscopy (diagnostic testing, medical imagery), skin laser treatments, ophthalmology and nephrology, neurosciences (e.g. biochips for certain biological tests)
  • Eco-industries: testing and treatment of water, air and waste
  • Security: security cameras, fraud detection, means of payment secured by quantum cryptography
  • High-tech fields: mobile phone cameras, industrial image processing, optical sensors in domotics


Françoise  Chavel
Head of Partnership Development
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