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Optics and research

Optics and research

Laboratoire Charles Fabry stands out in the French research community as a research laboratory that is supported by both a government-funded research organisation (CNRS) and Institut d’Optique Graduate School. It forms, alongside the engineering curricula offered, the foundation of Institut d’Optique Graduate School. The vast majority of the school's research professors conduct research at Laboratoire Charles Fabry de l'Institut d'Optique, where the organisation of teaching and the centralised campus create an environment that fosters more opportunities for greater interaction. Laboratoire Charles Fabry benefits from the conducive environment of the Saclay Plateau and its surroundings and enjoys an extensive partnership with Université Paris-Sud.

  • What is optics?


    Optics is the field of science and the area of economic activity encompassing the physical phenomena and technologies associated with the generation, transmission, manipulation, detection, and utilisation of light. It extends on both sides of the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum as far as the same concepts apply.


Philippe Bouyer &  Pierre Chavel
Head of Research
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