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Hypertelescope with multiplexed fields of view

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Article OSA_Hypertelescope à champs de vision multiplexés


The article "Hypertelescope with multiplexed fields of view", published on April 1 in Optics Letters, was co-authored by an international team (Institut d'Optique and Laboratoire Hubert Curien, Observatoire de la Côte d'Azur, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences) and has just received two awards: an OSA News, and an "Editor's Picks" (serve to highlight articles with excellent scientific quality and are representative of the work taking place in a specific field, according to the OSA).

Article Optics Letters


Hypertelescope interferometers having many highly diluted sub-apertures are capable of directly imaging, within a narrow field of view, celestial objects at a high resolution thanks to pupil densification. This Letter verifies with OpticStudio modeling the possibility of simultaneously imaging multiple such fields. A strategy of multi-field sampling uses a microlens array to generate multiplexed field channels, where independent active corrections of the tip-tilt and piston are applied for compensating for the off-axis aberrations. Adopting this strategy, we have designed a model of a multi-field hypertelescope with OpticStudio. The reported design expands the observing performance of hypertelescopes for directly imaging multiple sources with very high angular resolution. 

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