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The 5th episode "Excite the neurons" of our MANIP web series is online!

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Institut d'Optique Graduate School & 7PointsProductions

Alongside Tiphaine Berberian (SupOptique 2017, doctoral student) and Frédéric Druon (researcher), discover the behind-the-scenes of the manufacture of an ultra-short pulse laser for applications in optogenetics, in this episode filmed at the Charles Fabry Laboratory and directed by Hugo Cayla (SupOptique 2015, former doctoral student at the laboratory).

Optogenetics is a science that seeks to stimulate the activity of neurons through light. The laser sources used by biologists for this purpose are very specific and require extensive research and engineering work.
Their work is dedicated to the development of a fibre optic source capable of producing femtosecond pulses (ten thousand billion times shorter than a second) whose high power is needed to control communication between neurons.

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