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Work with our future engineers

From introductions during conferences to the recruitment of engineering students as apprentices, Institut d'Optique Graduate School provides companies and students with many opportunities for working together.

Recruitment is surely the closest collaborative relationship imaginable as it allows students to learn and work at the same time.

The other work experience/internship programmes offered consist of mandatory internships/work placements during which students gain hands-on experience in their field and participate in the completion of a corporate or research laboratory project.

The creativity and drive of our engineering students may also be put to use to test prototypes of products to be developed in the Innovation and Entrepreneurs Track.

The Junior Enterprise can bring together a group of students to carry out a study for occasional technical needs.

Lastly, an Optics Forum complete with conferences is held each year to allow our students to meet future employers, customers and suppliers.


Alexandre  Mustelier
Director of CFA-SupOptique & Head of the Alumni Employment Department
Tél 01 69 35 87 37