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Travailler à l'Institut d'Optique Graduate School

Travailler à l'Institut d'Optique Graduate School

[PhD] High repetition rate ultrafast sources in the mid-IR– Thèses et Post-Doc

9 avril 2019

Description du poste :

Femtosecond molecular 2D infrared spectroscopy provides a powerful tool to investigate conformational dynamics and biochemical reactions, which could provide a better understanding of how protein structural fluctuations relate to their biological functions. However, to allow reliable data extraction with high signal to noise ratio, a new generation of high repetition rate ultrafast laser sources in the mid-infrared must be developed.

Our research project consists in providing these new laser sources in the mid-infrared to ultrafast spectroscopy scientists. It is part of a collaborative effort between the Laboratoire Charles Fabry (LCF), Amplitude Laser Group (ALG), and the Laboratoire d’Optique et Biosciences (LOB). These sources will be based on intrapulse difference frequency generation and high-energy ytterbium-doped fiber femtosecond lasers, for which the group is recognized at the international level.

The Ph. D. student will work in the frame of the joint laboratory between ALG and LCF, composed of two academic scientists, two Amplitude R&D engineers, two PhD students and one post-doc. The work plan includes the laser source design, implementation and characterization, and follow up of the 2D spectroscopy experiments on biologically relevant molecules in collaboration with the LOB.

→ Recent work published on this subject by our consortium

[1] L. Lavenu et al, “High-energy few-cycle Yb-doped fiber amplifier source based on a single nonlinear compression stage,” Optics Express 25, 7530-7537 (2017)
[2] L. Lavenu et al., “Nonlinear pulse compression based on a gas-filled multipass cell” Optics Letters 43, 2252-2255 (2018).
[3] L. Lavenu et al., “High power two-cycle ultrafast source based on hybrid nonlinear compression,” Optics Express 27, 1958-1967 (2019).

[4] J. A. de la Paz et al., "Frequency-domain two-dimensional infrared spectroscopy using an acousto-optic programmable dispersive filter," Opt. Express 27, 4140-4146 (2019)

[5] V. Kemlin et al.,”Transient Two-Dimensional Infrared Spectroscopy in a Vibrational Ladder,” The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 7 3377-3382 (2016).

PhD subject (PDF / 474,05 kB)

Equipe | Service :

Laser group - Laboratoire Charles Fabry (more about it)

Localisation :

Palaiseau (France)

Profil recherché :

We are looking for a highly motivated student with a genuine interest in experimental physics, willing to work in a mixed academic – industrial environment. Experience in ultrafast optics will be appreciated. Applicants must email their detailed CV, including references.

Date de début :

1 octobre 2019

Durée :

3 years

Financement :

CIFRE funding - 1500 € per month typically

Contacts :

Marc Hanna (,

Florent Guichard (


Nathalie  Baudry
Gestionnaire Ressources Humaines
Tél 01 64 53 33 01

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