Travailler à l'Institut d'Optique Graduate School

Travailler à l'Institut d'Optique Graduate School

Thermo-plasmonics in nanoporous media – Stages en laboratoire

21 janvier 2019

Description du poste :

In the last decades, nanoporous materials (inorganic, organic, hybrid) have attracted increasing interest in a number of applications such as sensors, photocatalysts, electric insulators or antireflective coatings etc. Very recently, we proved that, in certain conditions, nanoporous materials could act as thermo-optical materials, in which optical properties vary non-linearly with the temperature. This behavior opens new perspectives for their utilization as optical-switches especially when coupled with a local thermal source.
This internship aims at investigating, theoretically and experimentally, the thermal and optical behaviors of nanoporous materials in which local heating is induced at the nanoscale by plasmonic nanoparticles. The targeted systems will consist in core-shell materials composed by plasmonic nanoparticles surrounded by nanoporous shell. The project includes two aspects:
In the first part, thermo-optical numerical simulations will be carried out at the Institut d’Optique Graduate School (IOGS). This theoretical study will (i) give a better understanding of coupling mechanisms between optical and thermal phenomena; and (ii) provide guidelines to design more performing materials. These simulations will be performed with an in-house software (Matlab environment) based on the finite element method. In the second part, experimental measurements will be performed at Sorbonne University on materials already fabricated by chemical synthesis. Spectroscopic ellipsometry and microscatterometry microscopies will be used to investigate the thermal and optical properties of the films as function of characteristics of the NPs and porous network and compared to simulations. The topic will be conducted in the framework of a larger project (ERC TEMPORE) in which PhD positions could be available starting from September 2019.

Equipe | Service :

Nanophotonique et Électromagnétisme

Localisation :

Institut d’Optique Graduate School

Profil recherché :

Material’s physics, physical-chemistry or optics.

Date de début :

1 mars 2019

Durée :

5-6 months

Financement :

Yes (ERC TEMPORE project)

Contacts :


Nathalie  Baudry
Gestionnaire Ressources Humaines
Tél 01 64 53 33 01

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